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Maximise Revenue Across Your Leisure Centres With Our White Paper

The last 18 months have been extremely challenging for leisure centres all across the UK. Budgets have already been tightened and additional sources of revenue are more important than ever to help your leisure centres increase their offer and widen access throughout your local area.

But despite the challenges, there’s lots to be positive about. There are many new opportunities that your leisure centres could take advantage of and lots of positive changes you can make to help improve your revenue.

Our white paper gives you 7 smart ways to get started.

New and shifting trends that could grow your membership base

In the last two years, we found that 32% of members tried online workout videos. 22% bought new home workout equipment. And 40% exercised outdoors more often.*

These trends aren’t going away any time soon, and they present opportunities to your leisure centres. New ways you can expand your offer and better serve your local community.

New ways to attract more membership revenue and more funding.

Our white paper explains how you can:

  • Realign your membership options to suit the changes in work patterns
  • Introduce new virtual classes and workouts
  • Capitalise on any underused outdoor space you have

Internal improvements to help you streamline operations

We also share ideas to help your leisure centres make internal improvements to their operations.

There are several ways to change how you manage your leisure centres to bring about big cost savings, make tasks easier for your team and ensure your centres always operate as efficiently as possible.

These include:

  • Automating incentive and referral schemes to keep your members happy and encourage friend and family visits
  • Upgrading your IT infrastructure to reduce hardware costs, simplify processes and increase the value of your data
  • Eliminating lost revenue through smarter membership management software, to help prevent missed payments

Get 7 smart ways to maximise revenue across your leisure centres

You’ll find all the details on making internal improvements, realigning your membership options and taking advantage of shifting trends in our white paper.

You’ll learn:

  • Exactly what you need to do in 2022 to benefit from the new opportunities in front of you
  • How to appeal to more diverse demographics and widen your access
  • Why it’s essential to focus on the customer service in your leisure centres
  • How building a community for your local area will set you up for future success

Get the white paper here and maximise revenue now.

*Taken from research conducted by Decision Architects on behalf of Xplor Technologies in Spring 2021