Brian Grady,
(Business Operations Manager K-Leisure)

“As their product grows in feature and performance we can see that translated into operational improvements in our clubs.”

Jessica Nelson
(Abbeycroft Leisure)

“Reliable, innovative, great value leisure management software. Customer service is at the heart of what they do.”  


 Will Thrower
(Centre Manager-Bridport Leisure)

.“Legend is a fantastic product for not only its front end users, but also for customers looking to use the user friendly interface.
Having worked with a number of other management systems, Legend offers a superior product, whilst offering a tailored system to suit your business needs."

Joe Cosgrove
(Managing Director, Kingfisher Leisure)

“Legend has revolutionised our business."


Benefits seen at Inverclyde Leisure

Chris Puszczynski Phelps
(Management Information Manager, Serco Leisure)

“Operators from all over the world are thinking of using Legend as a platform and we are more than happy to recommend Legend to them."

A one stop solution to all business problems

Andrew Hetherington
(Operations Manager, Inverclyde Leisure)

“I would definitely recommend Legend as a system to other Leisure Operators."

"We are really big advocates of Legend."

Iain Hayes
(Customer Service Manager, Halo Leisure)

“Legend is impressive. Being designed from a user’s perspective, as opposed to competitor products that lack such an intuitive layout.”

Chris Puszczynski Phelps
(Management Information Manager, Serco Leisure)

"Moving to Legend was like going from the Stone Age to the Modern Age."

Sarah Rawlinson
(Parkwood Leisure)

"A great company that is always striving to be the best and one step ahead in their field! As Parkwood Leisure's partner, they understand, that if in our business we stand still, we will actually go backwards."

Daniel Lynn
(Club Director- Central YMCA)

“The best all-around leisure management system in the UK, offering incomparable levels of business intelligence and simplicity of use for the front end user.”

Laura Mylotte
(Head of Marketing - Life Leisure)

 “Legend is at the forefront of helping move leisure & fitness providers forward. Their solutions are hugely innovative and allow us to drive our business forward quickly and adapt to an ever-evolving consumer.” 

Martin Eden

(Director of Environment and Leisure-Blackburn with Darwen)

“ We are pleased to confirm that, of all the suppliers we invited to tender, Legend provided robust system solutions to support our customer-focused service improvements.”

Russell Hillman
IT Infrastructure & Support Analyst - Active Luton

“Legend continue to move forward, innovate, and push the boundaries of our industry buy giving us the tools we need to deliver a continuingly improving service to our customers. And above all they listen to the needs of the customers and operators and work with us to provide the new features and functionality to keep that forward momentum.”  

Snezana Hassell, IT Systems Manager

The Lensbury Club implementation went extremely well and without any major stresses due to dedication, hard work and infinite patience from Ben, Noel and Andy. They were fantastic, knowledgeable and approachable. They are true credit to your company.

Legend in 5 words

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