Joe Cosgrove
(Managing Director, Kingfisher Leisure)

“Legend has revolutionised our business."


Benefits seen at Inverclyde Leisure

Chris Puszczynski Phelps
(Management Information Manager, Serco Leisure)

“Operators from all over the world are using Legend as a platform and we are more than happy to recommend Legend to them."

A one stop solution to all business problems

Andrew Hetherington
(Operations Manager, Inverclyde Leisure)

“I would definitely recommend Legend as a system to other Leisure Operators."

"We are really big advocates of Legend."

Iain Hayes
(Customer Service Manager, Halo Leisure)

“Legend is impressive. Being designed from a user’s perspective, as opposed to competitor products that lack such an intuitive layout.”

Chris Puszczynski Phelps
(Management Information Manager, Serco Leisure)

"Moving to Legend was like going from the Stone Age to the Modern Age."

Legend in 5 words

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