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Winning the War on Attrition Report

If you can conquer leisure member engagement and motivation, you’ll keep members coming back for longer and unlock lasting growth for your leisure organisation. That starts with tackling attrition, this leisure member attrition report gives you insights & resources to help.

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Grow your reach and impact

In a busy leisure organisation, it can be tempting to neglect retention and focus your attention on acquiring new leisure members. However, if you want to successfully grow your organisation and reach more of the communities you serve, you must focus on retention too.

Tackling attrition is key. To help, we’ve partnered with industry experts, including Julie Allen (Active Insight, formerly Leisure-Net) and Guy Griffiths (GGFit), to create an extensive resource to help you tackle attrition.

In the Winning The War On Attrition report, you’ll find:

  • The latest attrition trends from across the leisure industry in the UK & Ireland
  • Tactical strategies and tips to overcome common leisure member retention hurdles
  • Expert insights and guidance to avoid typical challenges
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“The majority of operators when asked about how they want their members to feel, usually answer with words containing ‘part of a community’, ‘a sense of belonging’, etc.…

To create a community, you need to understand your member’s experience. Identify gaps between expectation and delivery, then proactively working to minimise these, increases length of stay and creates raving fans. Raving fans stay for longer and help create that sense of community”

Julie Allen, Active Insight

Example chart from the Winning the War on Attrition Report

Decrease attrition, increase retention

To achieve long-term organisational success and become more profitable, addressing attrition effectively is a must.

Attrition measures the number of members who cancel in a given week, month, quarter, or year.

If you can cut the number of your members who leave (attrition), you will grow the length of time that members stay with you (retention. And as a result, you’ll boost member life time value.

Attracting new members can be expensive. If you increase retention, you will reduce the reliance on signing up new members. So, you will cut spending and increase profitability.

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Extensive, detailed research

Complete, accurate, and comprehensive data is vital to solving the attrition challenge. This leisure member attrition report contains industry-wide trends and data.

We’ve used Xplor data to find out why more than 370,000 leisure, gym and health club members in the UK & Ireland cancelled over a 6+ year period.

Major findings include:

  • More than half of cancellations happened quietly with leisure members cancelling silently by failing to tell operators why
  • The number of members cancelling for cost-related reasons increased in 2022 and early-2023 compared to past years
  • Members usually make their final visit 5 months before cancelling their membership
  • When an induction takes place, a member typically stays for 4 months longer, but induction do not always meet member expectations

Learn more, and get many additional insights, in the report. You will also find out how to track attrition and retention using your leisure management software.

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“This report is a must read for any leisure operator.

The data insights are really useful for facilities to understand and benchmark themselves against in terms of how and why members are cancelling, and what happens before they cancel.

Then the advice and takeaways, plus spotlight sections, add heaps of value that any operator will be able to use to reduce drop-out, build a more loyal membership base, and grow their organisation.”

Guy Griffiths, GGFit