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Download our ultimate KPI checklist and discover the essential metrics that every leisure operator should monitor to make those all-important strategic decisions.

If you want to make sure your leisure centres are on the path to success this year, don’t miss Legend’s Essential Leisure Centre KPI Checklist.

We share the most important, most valuable metrics that every leisure centre should be tracking.

  1. Pinpoint the data you need to get deeper, meaningful insight into your leisure centre operations
  2. Avoid those ‘vanity’ figures which might not give a true reflection of performance
  3. Focus your teams’ reporting on the KPIs that matter, so they can make valuable improvements on the ground.

Collect the right data, track the best metrics and get comprehensive oversight of your leisure centres’ performance.

Before you can make any changes to improve your fitness offer, attract more members, and increase your revenue, you need to understand how your leisure centres are performing. 

You need accurate, real-time insight into the numbers that give a true reflection of your operations. But knowing which KPIs to monitor is always challenging. 

Our checklist reveals the key metrics that you should be tracking and reporting on if you want to get maximum value from your centres, including: 

  • 7 vital revenue KPIs
  • 8 important membership data points
  • 4 insightful marketing metrics 
  • 4 powerful numbers that uncover how your members feel
  • …plus 10 more essential KPIs to track

Get your free KPI Checklist now