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We are changing the way we manage your queries and introducing a new way to contact our Client Support Teams

What is changing?

We have listened to your feedback and have made this change to help better support our customers. As part of our strategy to streamline Xplor’s platforms, there will be a change to how our Client Support Team is contacted and how our team will manage your queries.

Our Legend Client Support email address is closing down on 17th October 2022. To get in touch with our Client Support Teams from this date, you will need to complete an online client contact form.

Please note this is separate to the Legend Software Support Portal, and this is not yet changing.

How will this work?

Simply visit the Get Support section of the Legend website and complete the Client Support form, providing as much detail as possible.

Once the form is submitted, a case will be created in our new CRM system. A member of our Legend Client Support Team will pick up your case and you’ll be updated on the progress of your query via email.

Why are you changing the way I contact the Client Support Team?

We are continuing our mission to “make life simple.” This change will allow us to simplify and improve the way we interact with each other. Our new system will ensure your queries and requests are managed and actioned more efficiently.

What can the Client Support Teams help me with?

Our Client Support Teams are on hand to help you with any queries you might have about recent payments, deductions, fees, contractual queries, member queries, bulk member amendments and quotes for new software modules. Our Client Support Team are also here to help you with any amendments you may need to make to your Legend account such as bank details, contact info etc.

What will happen to any in progress tickets that have been sent to ?

All ‘in progress’ queries sent to our inbox before 17th October will be actioned as normal. Our team will assign a case number to any ‘in progress’ queries on the 17th of October and we will email you with the details.

Who do I contact if I have a new or existing software issue?

You can still contact our Legend Software Support team for any software related issues, by raising a support ticket on the Legend Portal. Please note there is also Legend Bytes which provides a library of information, demonstrations and webinars about the Legend product.

If you have any questions about these changes prior to the 17th of October, please do not hesitate to contact our Client Support Team