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Download our report on The Expectations and Demands of Leisure Centre Customers to discover how attitudes to your facilities and services have changed, and identify the ways you can improve your offer to meet the needs and desires of your local community.

Discover the 8 must-know findings on the future of health, fitness and wellbeing…

….and learn what your leisure centre can do to stay ahead of your customers’ demands.

Download your copy of The Expectations and Demands of Leisure Centre Customers to understand how those who use your facilities – and those you want to attract – think. 

Featuring exclusive research, you’ll learn: 

  • The extent to which hygiene remains a key priority 
  • Whether proximity is more important than ever
  • How to deliver a hassle-free experience
  • Why you should focus on wearable technology

… plus, 4 more essential findings on your customers desires for the future of your leisure centre.

Understand what your customers want more of, and you’ll make more effective operational decisions

If you can identify exactly what types of facilities and services your customers want to see in your leisure centre – and can explain why – you can expand your offer safe in the knowledge that your community will be ready and waiting to take advantage of it. 

You’ll know which new trends and equipment you should focus on, and which you should avoid. 

Our report will help you answer essential operational questions like: 

  • Should we continue online fitness classes and workouts?
  • What types of wellness classes do we need on our timetable?
  • Would members really use a mobile app to book activities?

Find the answers to these questions, and many more, in our report on The Expectations and Demands of Leisure Centre Customers. 

Get your free copy here

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