Legend Active Outcomes

Active Outcomes made its debut at the Legend Customer Conference on October 18th 2018.  The module has been developed with assistance from a number of Legend Customers and is currently in pilot.

Key Features:
  • Real-time exercise tracking
  • Report on KPI’s – evidence-based
  • Appointment setting and management
  • Scheme & individual targeting
  • Configurable schemes
  • Convert to member
Key Benefits:
  • Automatic scheme success reporting
  • Measure improvements in real time
  • Tablet and mobile optimised
  • Instant summaries & trends
  • Deep links to Legend core system (join & usage)

Juanita Prescott the Corporate Health and Well Being Manager for Stevenage Leisure stated.

“For over 20 years Stevenage Leisure have provided exercise on referral –reaching thousands of people, who have benefitted from the scheme. Our scheme provides exercise under the guidance and supervision of qualified instructors – to people who wouldn’t perhaps be able to exercise normally.  Unfortunately, we don’t receive any funding and one of the reasons for that is that there is no evidence to show that the exercise on referral is so beneficial to people.  I think what Legend is doing, will enable us to quantify the benefit of our scheme and give us the evidence required, and hopefully, it will lead to funding being available again.”

Legend Active Outcomes will help you track and quantify health benefits seen by your referred members, increase your ability to interact with Health Care Professional, secure much-needed government funding and ensure that you can reach others who desperately need your Support and guidance.

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