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Increasing Website Accessibility For Inverclyde Leisure

Faced with a website that was not optimised for mobile and lacked accessibility for the whole community, Inverclyde Leisure required a complete website refresh. Working in partnership with Bigwave Marketing, Legend has created a mobile-optimised, accessible website that’s easy to keep updated.

Inverclyde Leisure is a registered charity who focus on giving back to their community through sport, leisure and health in Inverclyde, Scotland. The charity operates a wide range of facilities, including community halls, parks and pitches, sports centres, health and fitness facilities, swimming pools, an ice rink, a golf course and an athletics stadium.

New Mobile Optimised, Accessible Website Required

Making a website accessible ensures as many people as possible can access it – vital for operators like Inverclyde Leisure serving diverse local communities. Mobile optimisation is essential with many consumers accessing websites on mobile devices and to maximise visibility to search engines like Google.

Inverclyde Leisure was faced with a website that lacked desktop & mobile accessibility and was not optimised for mobile devices:

  • Desktop Accessibility Score: 52%
  • Mobile Accessibility Score: 52%
  • Optimised For Mobile Devices: No

An existing leisure management software client, Inverclyde Leisure looked to the Legend team, alongside marketing agency Bigwave Marketing, to deliver a new website with a user-friendly CMS. Critically, the website needed to be fully optimised for mobile devices, while improving accessibility.

Targeted, Focused Website Development

Bigwave Marketing supplied the new website design for the project, detailing the layout and design elements. Using Umbraco CMS, our developers got to work building the website, focusing on usability and ensuring the site is easy to maintain and update. Part of this work was to allow Inverclyde and Bigwave Marketing the flexibility to build pages quickly and ensure the brand/design guidelines were followed.

We built a library of widgets which allow Inverclyde to build pages in a matter of seconds, being able to drag and drop elements on the page. These widgets include a custom-built membership journey and the Legend API class timetable. The one-click class timetable pulls Inverclyde’s class data straight from their Legend database.

Throughout the whole development phase, we kept accessibility at the forefront of our work; recommending improvements to design elements where required.

Once the development was complete, we delivered training to Inverclyde and Bigwave Marketing allowing them to load content onto the site. Working with both Inverclyde and Bigwave Marketing on regular project calls we followed the project through to successful completion and go live.

Website Accessibility Score Increased By 36%

The final product is a modern, mobile-optimised, highly accessible website which maintains and highlights Inverclyde’s multiple brands:

  • Desktop Accessibility Score: 88% (up from 52% previously)
  • Mobile Accessibility Score: 89% (up from 52% previously)
  • Optimised For Mobile Devices: Yes (not optimised previously)

Further still, the website is easy to update using the user-friendly Umbraco CMS and integrates with Inverclyde Leisure’s Legend software.

“The new Inverclyde Leisure website is fantastic and clearly showcases our great range of products and services with a large variety of video content and great CMS capabilities”. – Kieron Vango, Chief Executive, Inverclyde Leisure

“The implementation team demonstrated great partnership working. Special thanks to Legend and Bigwave Marketing for all your help and support during the project build, even I can publish items as the Umbraco platform is very simple to edit and update our contents.” – David McCorkindale, Head of Leisure and Community Facilities, Inverclyde Leisure.

Visit the Inverclyde Leisure website here:

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