As Magnus Lindkvist explores in the latest Health Club Management (Issue 2, 2015, pg 45), wearable technology looks set to radically change the health club and leisure industry. However, unlike Magnus, rather than view it as a disruptive influence that exposes our operators to risk of their customers leaving, it is something that we here at Legend consider to be the next big opportunity for our operator customers. The combination of social media and wearable tech truly presents a chance for organisations to get ever closer to their members; to create communities of like-minded individuals; and offer even more personalised services to meet individual aspirations. At its most fundamental, it offers us all the potential to achieve what many of us aspire to: to help make the UK’s population more active and healthier than it is.

There is a second significant point that Magnus makes; the reason why clubs, personal trainers and fitness communities have a place is because they offer what he terms “packaged knowledge”. The argument that apps and wearable tech also offers that “packaged knowledge” is, to an extent true – but imagine how much more powerful would the combination of the two be! The ability to harness this combined knowledge and insight and link this to an individual’s personal data creates a hugely compelling proposition that will undoubtedly have a transformative effect on the industry.

It is for these reasons that Legend is proud to announce our latest undertaking: an initiative already underway to trial a range of wearable technologies to understand the pro’s and con’s of individual devices, and to develop a solution or service that will enable our clients to deploy these technologies to positively engage their customers.

From our initial findings we are starting to form some clear views. It’s becoming clear where the appeal is to the majority of consumers. We can also see how clients can engage their members and customers through wearables, and we see a real opportunity to develop this for our clients. As the project unfolds we will be inviting all of our clients to participate.

As our clients know, the Legend team is always on the lookout for new opportunities to improve our customers’ operations; we are constantly striving to develop our technology and our services; and we are proud to invest back into our own business to help improve the industry.

For more information on this latest project, please contact Iain Downs, Legend's Product Manager.

Halo LeisureIain Hayes
Customer Service Manager
Halo Leisure
Legend is impressive. Being designed from a user’s perspective, as opposed to competitor products that lack such an intuitive layout.
LA FitnessDebbie Astley
IT Director
LA Fitness
As a multisite operator of 80 clubs, Legend brings consistency to our business. The centralised platform offers reduced cost of ownership & improved customer service.
Serco LeisureKeith Thomas
Managing Director
Serco Leisure
The streamlining of our business processes has seen time and cost savings, modernising the way our 70 local leisure centres are run.
Life LeisureMalcolm McPhail
Chief Executive
Life Leisure
With rapid growth the small inconveniences became intolerable. Legend is the partner who can best support our impressive growth.
Topnotch Health ClubsSteve Bradley
Managing Director
I can monitor in real-time everything important to my business as can my managers. Legend keeps us one step ahead of the competition.
Oldham Community LeisureMike Tait
Assistant Chief Executive
Rollout was completed in a short time scale, within ten weeks. Legend has allowed us to improve the quality of our data & business processes.
Whitehouse HotelsPeter Dyson
Managing Director
Whitehouse Hotels
Selection was easy for us... Legend had the technology to suit our long term needs and could be deployed with minimal impact on operations.
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